The food you grow may not be as nutrient rich as you think

Scientific studies show our foods have lost up to 70% of their nutritional content over the last 70 years, even organic foods.  Simply growing organically isn’t enough.

You landed here on this website, so you probably want to grow the best quality, most deeply nourishing and healing foods.

Here you can learn proven ways to double food nutritional content.

Backyard gardeners to large commercial growers–the concepts are the same.

Careful custom balancing of each soil with a wide variety of nutrients produces the Best Food Ever.

Achieve crops that….

Taste Amazing

Have significantly increased Phytonutrient Content

Produce Abundant Yields

Have a much Longer Shelf Life

Naturally resist Pests and Diseases

Have greater Healing Qualities, such as increased Biophoton Energy, for Consumers

Organic is a good start, but there is much more you need to grow the healthiest and most nutrient-rich foods you can. These foods will bless you with more strength, energy, and clarity–helping you to be the best version of yourself. 

Check out the video above to learn how you can start growing healthier food today. 

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Our Results

Our results speak for themselves. Double your nutrional content and produce abundant yields.

Our citrus trees produced fruit but the leaves were mottled and the fruit of mixed quality. We used some citrus fertilizer which helped. But after we received your soil analysis and followed your instructions the change, particularly in the citrus which received a more rapidly effective foliar spray, was fantastic. The citrus is flourishing. The second flush of fruit is bigger, more plentiful and the leaves and new growth vibrant